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Why implement an ATS software in the HR department?

How do ATSs help Human Resources?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking Systems.

Mickaël Cabrol, Managing Director of the iCIMS Group in Europe, is convinced of the need to "streamline HR processes by offering an exceptional experience to candidates in their career path”.[1]

We know that in any organization it is important to recruit the most suitable people given the company's objectives. It's about building teams that achieve their own goals. Companies are looking for talented people according to their criteria.[2]

Employees must be retained to maintain the growth of the company. High turnover impacts not only productivity, but also customer retention, as well as the retention of employees who choose to stay on.

Acting upstream, as all HR managers know, consists in assessing the company's existing human resources situation to develop a useful selection process for future candidates.

A budget must be set aside to recruit the most suitable candidate for the position to be filled. All this requires time, and this time must be made profitable, whatever the size of the company.

Optimizing the HR Manager's time means optimizing the recruitment and selection process by automating the actions that can be automated.

To optimize this process, there are platforms or software ATS Assistant Tracking Systems, which aim to collect information from potential candidates. This filtered data collection takes place throughout the recruitment and selection process.

The question of whether software can replace a human being obviously arises. Indeed, in this context where an analysis based on an algorithm will be used to select candidates, according to the keywords identified in their presentation or CV.

We understand that the use of an ATS does not in any way call into question the need to properly identify or define the needs of the company. The definition of the position therefore requires the same attention as if an ATS is not used.

The ATS is only useful if it represents a support to optimize the selection process and solve the problem for which it is used. The goal is to find the ideal candidate for the position.

How ATS works?

ATSs are programmed to pre-screen thousands of resumes. A filtering process is organized so that the most suitable are listed and go to the interview phase. The goal at this stage is to identify the most qualified candidates.

The ATS will first help to reduce the volume of all applications by eliminating those that are not qualified for the position. This is a considerable time saver.

ATS will streamline the recruiting process by helping recruiters develop job postings, make them visible by publishing them on job boards or the recruiting companies' own websites.

Then, to filter and follow the positions of the potential candidates by classifying their data. This will facilitate the final phases of the recruitment process.

It will be necessary to source candidates, classify and analyze resumes, filter, and even automate follow-up actions or management of candidate retention... And all this is ideally scalable!

Steve Lucas, CEO of iCIMS had communicated at the same time in November 2020, that he wanted to enable his customers to "better identify, recruit and invest in the best talent".

iCIMS is a cloud-based recruitment software company with more than 3,000 customers. iCIMS customers value the company's superior customer service, as well as the software's simplicity, ease of use, configurable workflows, regular updates, advanced integration capabilities and scalable solutions.

The combination of iCIMS and Easyrecrue in 2020 brought the unique opportunity of Easyrecrue's "deferred and live video interviewing, online appointment scheduling, and custom skills testing" to the iCIMS Talent Cloud platform.

Do you need an ATS?

In this recruitment process, the ATS technology is adapted to meet the need for optimization of the various recruitment stages.

It is about importing the candidate's information into the system in an automated way. In other words, managing the relationship with the candidate in a fluid manner from the first contact.

Emails shared by different stakeholders in the process, but not filed or quickly identified in a strategic way is a problem.

If the recruiter is not able to integrate the different sources, job boards, social platforms in an organized and automatic way, there is a clear need to improve the recruitment process.

Evaluate and order the data collected from the candidate. Avoiding inefficiency and time-wasting factor for the recruiter is crucial. Any authorized person must be able to access the information in a simplified manner.

A good organization allows to avoid errors in the formulation of advertisements, and even to eliminate any discrimination, before or during the interviews, which will impact the brand image of the company.

In all cases, the automated integration of data enhances the recruitment activity. A quick report or summary can be produced. Do you need it?

Finally, it is possible to quickly identify, thanks to ATS, the most active or profitable sources to rationally locate candidates. The cost of a recruitment in France is on average 10 to 20% of the annual salary in perspective...

The entire recruitment process is based on the clear objective of making the right decision.

Jacques C. Tresfield

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